Digital Compass [v7.3] for Android

Digital Compass [v7.3] for Android

By KTW Apps

Overview information

Name Digital Compass
Package com.ktwapps.digitalcompass
Publisher KTW Apps
Category Apps, Tools
Version 7.3
Size 4.0M
Requires 4.4 and up

Description of Digital Compass [7.3]

Digital Compass [7.3] updated on Thursday April 8, 2021 is the Tools for Android developed by KTW Apps

Introduce Digital Compass

The most precise, accurate and smart compass or GPS compass for android.

Digital Compass

Digital compass is an accurate compass and a great tool for any outdoor activities. This compass app allows you to find the direction (bearing, azimuth or degree) you currently facing. It is very useful or muslim prayer to find the Qibla(Kiblat). Beside, there is still many way you can benefit from having digital compass app pre-installed in your device.

Digital compass build using the gyroscope, accelerator, magnetometer, gravity of the device. Make sure your device has an accelerator sensor and magnetometer sensor otherwise digital compass will not function.

– It is a free compass
– Display highly accurate direction
– Display the current location(longitude, latitude, address)
– Display the altitude

Digital Compass

– Display magnetic field strength(EMF)
– Show the slope angel(Slope Level)
– Show the current accuracy state
– Show both magnetic north and geographic north(true north)
– Show all available sensor status on this device
– Add a direction pointer marker

The accuracy of the digital compass will interfere when the device is near any other magnetic interference, be sure to stay away from magnetic things/objects such as another electronic device, battery, magnet, etc while using the digital compass. If the accuracy becomes unreliable, calibrate the device by simultaneously flipping and moving the phone back and front in patterns 8(as screenshot illustrate).

Digital Compass

Some of the common usage of digital compass are:
– Adjust Television Antenna
– Vastu Tips
– Find Qibla direction for muslim prayer
– Finding horoscope
– Fengshui(Chinese)
– Outdoor activities
– Education purpose

N point to the north
E point to the east
S point to the south
W point to the west

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Whats new of Digital Compass [7.3]

In this version we:

- Fixed various bug

- Update Build Tools

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