Code Atma [v0.94.01] for Android

Code Atma [v0.94.01] for Android

By Agate Games

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NameCode Atma
PublisherAgate Games
CategoryGames, Role Playing
Requires4.4W and up

Description of Code Atma [0.94.01]

Code Atma [0.94.01] updated on Monday May 3, 2021 is the Role Playing for Android developed by Agate Games

Description :

Code Atma

Code Atma Indonesian Horror Idle RPG

is a party role-playing game project in which players immerse themselves in the confrontation between the ordinary and the rational modern world, which regularly comes across the manifestation of forces and creatures considered myths and fictions of the last Centuries apply. Participants will lead one of the teams dedicated to the operational elimination of those creatures who seek to plunge the planet into a dark and destructive era.


Code Atma

* Code Atma offers a streamlined but immersive RPG experience that takes players on a journey through a world.

* The main story campaign will immerse players in a supernatural mystery thriller.

Code Atma

* Collect hundreds of unique Atma characters drawn from exotic myths, legends and epics from Southeast Asia and around the world.

* With unique lore and mythological origins, each atma brings a unique story into play.

Code Atma

* Code Atma makes the dark and mysterious underlay


Data – OBB

Extract and copy the folder to SD/Android/OBB

Whats new of Code Atma [0.94.01]

There exists a world that few can see, and fewer still seek out.

Code Atma is a modern RPG, set in a supernatural techno-thriller world where humanity, technology, and ancient beliefs intersect in a secret war. Journey into this familiar but strange world and lose yourself in the immersive story, characters, and Atma you will encounter.

You will take on the role of a Seeker. Among the brave few who will harness humanity’s collective advancements in technology to wage a secret war beyond the veil of life, death, and myth. Alongside the secret Asterisk Initiative, you will dive into the depths of a dark and supernatural techno-thriller of the Atma – souls of forgotten myths and curses, turned weapons in a war between the light and dark. A war beyond the veil.

Supernatural Techno-thriller World:

The world of Atma presents an eerily familiar contemporary setting that is steeped in the exotic supernatural lore of ancient civilizations, urban myths, and epic legends. As mysticism and technology collide, this unseen world teeters on the edge of all-out war.

Mobile-tailored RPG:

Code Atma presents a streamlined but immersive RPG experience that takes players on a journey through a world that is hidden in plain sight and revealed solely through the lens of a mobile application.

Investigative Mystery, with a Supernatural Twist:

The main story campaign will thrust players into a supernatural mystery thriller that will evolve and progress the unique characters, points of views, and mythology of the Atma world. Follow pivotal characters as they navigate a dark urban setting in the midst of a supernatural upheaval.

A Supernatural Menagerie:

Collect hundreds of unique Atma characters drawn from the exotic myths, legends, and epics from South-East Asia and around the world. Lose yourself into their unique stories as you discover the bountiful depths of their mythology.

Tactical, Lore-driven Combat:

With unique lore and mythological origins, every Atma brings a unique story into the battlefield. Skill synergies and lore-driven relationships bring an added layer of tactical depth to every encounter.

Beauty in the Darkness:

Code Atma renders the dark and mysterious underbelly of the supernatural world in beautifully hand-drawn art that juxtaposes the inherent horror of the unknown and the visual whimsy of anime-inspired art.

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