From Zero to Hero: Cityman [v1.7.5] APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) free for Android

From Zero to Hero: Cityman [v1.7.5] APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) free for Android

By Heatherglade Publishing

Overview information

Name From Zero to Hero: Cityman
Package com.heatherglade.zero2hero
Publisher Heatherglade Publishing
Category Games, Simulation
Version 1.7.5
Size 66M
Requires 4.4 and up

Description of From Zero to Hero: Cityman [1.7.5]

From Zero to Hero: Cityman [1.7.5] updated on Thursday April 29, 2021 is the Simulation for Android developed by Heatherglade Publishing

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Introduce From Zero to Hero: Cityman

If your life is too dull and sometimes, you want to try a different life, Welcome to From Zero to Hero: Cityman game. This game develops Heatherglade Publishing Your devices have to be Android 4.4 and up. At now, this game is over 10,000,000+ downloads and installs on Google Play. Players are joined this game is increasing. Players are very attracted when playing this game. .Experience this extremely fun simulation game by downloading the game on now. Enter this game and enjoy

From Zero to Hero: Cityman

How to play ?

From Zero to Hero: Cityman is a life simulation game like LifeSim 2, allowing you to transform into a 17-year-old guy named John Doyle. He is a homeless man, without any possessions. No clothes, no education, no food. As the name of the game, his life is a zero. You need to improve step by step to help John have a better life.

First, he needs a place to live. A homeless shelter is a good start because you don’t have the money to rent luxury apartments. It’s free. Then you need a job to make a living. Being an advertiser for convenience stores helps you make money, and they also have free food for their employees. This job is completely suitable for John’s current situation.

Game Features

− Begin your life as a poor guy without any money, job or home;

− Find money for food;

− Don’t forget to go to the hospital, treat your character and take him to resorts;

− Go bowling, play pool, attend the concerts to increase happiness;

− Start your own business and earn your first million;

− Buy yourself clothes and your first room in dormitory;

− Get enrolled at university and progress to earn more;

− Trade in the stock market;

− Climb up the corporate ladder;

− Find yourself a girlfriend and make a virtual family;

− Become a president if you manage to go through all the challenges and not die of old age.

From Zero to Hero: Cityman

Improve yoursel

After having a stable income source, you can consider going to college to have more knowledge, helping you qualify for higher-level jobs with higher wages. Constantly renew and improve yourself so you will be the person you dream of. In addition, From Zero to Hero: Cityman also allows you to date and marry a beautiful girl. Together, create a happy and warm family with the children.

In addition to your daily main job, you can use your earnings to invest in businesses, stocks, and casinos. The casino is an easy place to make money, but there are also risks that get you back to zero. You should consider this. Besides, you can also get quite a lot of money from daily login, completing tasks and achievements.

From Zero to Hero: Cityman

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As an ordinary person, you are subject to many obligations from family and law. You have a lot of responsibility on your shoulders, and it makes you tired. From Zero to Hero: Cityman allows you to live a new life where there are no constraints or responsibilities. You are free to do what you want, to be the person you dream of. To have it installed on your devices, just download the Mod Unlimited Money APK file on your storage. Follow our instructions and you can easily install the game.

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Whats new of From Zero to Hero: Cityman [1.7.5]

Greetings, Citymen!

Today’s small update brings us a stability upgrade for the app, as well as a lot (and we mean a LOT) of bugfixes following your invaluable feedback. We hope that this update makes your Zero to Hero experience even more smooth and enjoyable — and see you in the city!

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