HeadHorse: Horror Game [v1.2.97] for Android

HeadHorse: Horror Game [v1.2.97] for Android

By Yellow Pixel

Overview information

Name HeadHorse: Horror Game
Package com.YellowPixelGames.HeadHorse
Publisher Yellow Pixel
Category Arcade, Games
Version 1.2.97
Size 141M
Requires 7.0 and up

Description of HeadHorse: Horror Game [1.2.97]

HeadHorse: Horror Game [1.2.97] updated on Thursday July 8, 2021 is the Arcade for Android developed by Yellow Pixel

Description :

HeadHorse: Horror Game

HeadHorse Horror Game – 

This is a first-person horror action game in which you have to escape from a house with a serial killer.

The main character found himself together with a serial killer in a house who has a horse’s head instead of a human head. Be careful, he is watching your every move, listening and waiting for the right moment to attack and add to his list of victims.

HeadHorse: Horror Game

Features :

* Includes a practice mode if you don’t have the courage to face HeadHorse’s murder intent! Explore the house while looking for new victims.

HeadHorse: Horror Game

* Unlock two harder and more lethal difficulties when you quit the game. Can you face the maximum strength and greatest horror of HeadHorse?

* Gameplay full of puzzles and challenges, the perfect adventure for anyone who likes it!

HeadHorse: Horror Game

* Our horror game is constantly updated. Send us new ideas for puzzles and ways to test your survival skills

Whats new of HeadHorse: Horror Game [1.2.97]

Download now and try to survive!

Survive inside a house with a scary killer! HeadHorse is your captor and you have a single mission, escape. He is a very intelligent killer with an unmatchable desire for blood is following every single one of your moves, every step, every glimpse of hope you have of escaping, every instant getting closer to his objective, you!

Horror will occupy your body as you try to escape him on this survival horror game! Explore a dark and scary house full of unsolved mysteries as you try your best to survive, beware! traps are around awaiting for HeadHorse's prey to step on them.

You'll never forget this adventure, it's horror and puzzles.

Spend Five nights at Headhorse's house! Keep in mind, solving his puzzles is no easy task, but if you do, survival can almost be assured! Use objects strategically to attract HeadHorse, but avoid making too much noise, otherwise be prepared to run for your life. A horror game like no other, having amazing puzzles and challenges for you to test your survival skills!

It'll be a challenge like no other, the horror HeadHorse is preparing is something never seen before, This game is not for those who are scared easily, I guarantee you! There is no horror game like this.

☆Includes a practice mode in case you don't the courage to face HeadHorse's killing intent! Explore the house while he has left to search for new victims.

☆Unlock two harder and deadlier difficulties as you finish the game, can you face HeadHorse's maximum strength and horror?

☆The Gameplay is full of puzzles and challenges, the perfect adventure for those who like one!

☆Our horror game is being constantly updated, help its development by sending us new ideas of puzzles and ways to test your survival skills.

Are you ready for HeadHorse: Horror Game and its puzzles?

Horror has just begun...

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