Idle Dungeons [v1.0.7] for Android

Idle Dungeons [v1.0.7] for Android

By Lemon Jam Studio

Overview information

Name Idle Dungeons
Package com.lemonjamgames.idledungeon
Publisher Lemon Jam Studio
Category Games, Role Playing
Version 1.0.7
Size 59M
Requires 4.4 and up

Description of Idle Dungeons [1.0.7]

Idle Dungeons [1.0.7] updated on Tuesday April 20, 2021 is the Role Playing for Android developed by Lemon Jam Studio

Description :

Idle Dungeons

Idle Dungeons –

endless but very addicting gameplay RPG project where players will find themselves in a fantasy world going through tough times. Old enemies sharpen each other with knives again, all evil spirits begin to taste their prey, and dark personalities expectantly part the skin of an undying bear. But here rumors emerge very timely that the great magician and warrior has returned. But where he is and what he does is unknown. It remains only ordinary heroes to defend the areas with all their might and raids to solve more and more problems. This is what players need to cook in an exciting and interesting way.

Features :

Idle Dungeons

* Idle RPG, easy and fun to play

* Unlock and choose heroes with different powers and abilities!

Idle Dungeons

* Awaken your heroes to change their appearance and improve their powers!

* Explore the world map and enter the dungeons!

Idle Dungeons

* Become a “dragon slayer”!

Whats new of Idle Dungeons [1.0.7]

From the indie game developers that brought you "Infinite Knight"…

Get ready for your journey in "Idle Dungeons"!

This time, you do not have to pick up "The Sword in the Stone", you already have superpowers, so pick your heroes, march into dungeons, and enjoy the great journey!

The You-Know-Who

Once upon a time, there was a great human wizard (the you-know-who) named Zera, who overpowered all demons. He had ultimate power and killed countless demons, even dragons dared not to stand in front of him.

Zera's Return

Unfortunately, his absolute power did not last. All his memories were taken away by the gods and he was forced to reincarnate. 30 years later, Zera is still missing. His story was almost forgotten, but all of a sudden, rumors about Zera'a return was spread…


- Idle RPG, easy and fun to play

No skills, nor experience is needed! Enter a dungeon and your character will battle for you!

- Unlock and choose heroes with different powers and abilities!

-Awake your heroes to change their looks and enhance their powers!

- Explore the world map and enter the dungeons!

Collect and upgrade your inventory, equip yourself with better items!

- Become a "Dragon Slayer"!

Train yourself to become an experienced adventurer! Deal as much damage as you can within 60 seconds to beat the record!

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