The Dark Book: RPG Offline [v3.4.8] APK Mod for Android

The Dark Book: RPG Offline [v3.4.8] APK Mod for Android

By Michele Salvatore Bunetto

Overview information

Name The Dark Book: RPG Offline
Package com.underbyte.rpgkit
Publisher Michele Salvatore Bunetto
Category Games, Role Playing
Version 3.4.8
Size 118M
Requires 4.4 and up

Description of The Dark Book: RPG Offline [3.4.8]

The Dark Book: RPG Offline [3.4.8] updated on Tuesday May 10, 2022 is the Role Playing for Android developed by Michele Salvatore Bunetto

Introduce The Dark Book: RPG Offline

Here is a great Game for ARPG enthusiasts where you play as a skeleton character called The Dark Book: RPG Offline. This is an offline hilarious rpg game where you find yourself in the lands of Morghoth, where the souls have awakened because of a book named, “The Dark Book”. It is inspired by old-school 90s classic games. Many souls woke up and spread in the city from where you will be directed to start with some weapons and Maps and directions. On your way, you will have so much fun with many creatures from various references like Film (Army of Darkness, IT), Many references from TV Series just like Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad and other games like Soul Reaver and Medievil. Our inspirations are Diablo, Sacred, Shadow Flare and other old-school games. Soon you will find this game to be one of the Best offline ARPG games. Because of its flexibility, graphics, music, and action, this game is the best game to play on android phones.

The Dark Book: RPG Offline

The Dark book: RPG Offline game has a variety of enemies, environments weapons, and spells, where you will enjoy your several hours of play. There also many other RPG offline games for PC that quite resembles this game. Our goal was to design the Best RPG games for Android, which we finally prepared for people of any age.

This game has many features which include the following: 💀
A number of various enemies, environments, weapons, and spells
You can use a customizable camera, Map, and graphics

The Dark Book: RPG Offline

Joystick, Mouse support, and keyboard (depends on the player)
No wifi needed, just typical old school hack and slash
You can also save this game to the cloud (Requires Google play games)
Available on Android TV – Xbox One – Xbox Series X | S – PC – iOS

The Dark Book: RPG Offline

Extras 💀
Level unlock after completing the game
A new spell at level 105
This game is such an action RPG offline android game which is not a horror game because of its story and action. Just like many other games this game allows you to play and kill enemies with different weapons. The character fights with a sword, uses spells, and also holds a shield against the enemy attacks to auto block the enemy attacks which is quite an interesting feature of this RPG offline game that makes it far better to play.
The Dark Book allows you to play an Offline RPG in different maps and levels, where you will be fighting with different bosses, big or small enemies. This time the character is not a superhero, it is not even a night or any assassin. The main character in this game is just a skeleton with some powers. You might also have played RPG offline games for ios as well but this on the platform of android games really makes a difference. After every mission, you will achieve gold items and become stronger and stronger by completing each mission. In every mission, You will experience dozens of enemies, bosses to challenge your gaming skills.

The Dark Book: RPG Offline

So get ready to explore a new experience in a new environment with exciting new missions.

Whats new of The Dark Book: RPG Offline [3.4.8]

• New Icon

• Semplified some quest

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